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This internal web site consists of documents and linked material related to the ongoing discussion on the nature of student and faculty work. It provides access to information that has formed the basis of the ongoing conversation and action.

Specific documents and links are presented below. As additional information becomes available, it will be added to the site.

Information and Forms for the Approval of Transformed Programs and Courses

Spring Semester 2003-2004

Fall Semester 2003-2004

Recent Major Reports and Documents

Spring Semester 2002-2003

Fall Semester 2002-2003

For the past few months, the Committee on Faculty Affairs (CFA) has been working on the Steering Committee charge: “delineating specific means for implementing the 3-3 workload for faculty and addressing any other issues in the [CAP/CFA] report related to faculty work”.
This charge presented a challenge for us specifically, because the roadmaps were few and the roads have not been well traveled. However, in facing the challenge, we have relied on the input of departments and schools, current governance documents of the College, the written/invited testimonials of faculty members, and the deliberate, reasoned work of the members of CFA. 

Following the timeline of the charge, we are forwarding to you this preliminary report on our work. The document is presented in three sections addressing:

Beginning in early Spring 2003, the Committee will schedule multiple meetings and other opportunities for public discussion, in order to complete our final recommendations by March 1, 2003. 
We have built our preliminary recommendation on the foundation afforded by The College of New Jersey’s Mission Statement, the Guiding Principles for Academic Work, and the report of the General Education Advisory Council.  We have shaped this recommendation in light of suggestions and ideas from students, faculty, and staff.   We believe it reflects the collective thinking of the campus at large as well as the careful deliberations of the members of CAP.
We are fully cognizant, however, that the attached document is a preliminary recommendation.  Between now and the end of February, we expect and encourage vigorous discussion of the issues contained in this recommendation.  CAP will work with the Faculty Senate, the Student Government Association, the Staff Senate, and other groups on campus to create opportunities for open discussion.   We also strongly encourage the submission of written responses--by email if possible.  Please feel free to write to me at, and I will share your message with other members of CAP.
Spring Semester 2001-2002
Fall Semester 2001-2002
May 2, 2001:  Faculty Retreat on Student and Faculty Work
April 4, 2001:  Faculty Retreat on Student and Faculty Work
Documents for Discussion at Retreat Responses from Retreat Discussion
January 24, 2001:  Addressing the Issue of Student and Faculty Work